Holiday Soother Kit

Why should I consider this?

Sometimes the holidays can take a toll on us, whether it be emotionally or physically. We often overindulge in food and drink and sometimes we get food poisoning from improperly cooked or even spoiled food. We can feel overwhelmed and even just plain unwell. Mishaps in the kitchen are more common. I have put together a selection of homeopathic remedies to help in these situations with full instructions on how to use them properly.

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My practice is based on consultations and not the sale of products. I charge a consultation fee and the product(s) are included. Please contact me so that we can have a brief discussion on whether the product is right for you based on your unique symptoms. As a regulated professional, I need to ensure that you understand the product and how to use it properly and I require you to sign my standard patient waiver form.



What is the Holiday Soother Kit?  

The Holiday Soother kit contains a selection of homeopathic remedies that can help alleviate both mental and physical stresses during the holiday season.  It contains:  Nux vomica, Ferrum phosphoricum, Arnica montana, Aconitum napellus, Arsenicum album, and Calendula officinalis.   

If you have special requirements, a Holiday Soother kit can be customized for your individual needs.