Spring Allergy Kit

Why should I consider this? 

If you suffer from spring allergies around the time that the trees start to bud, this kit is for you. The Blackmore Wellness Spring Allergy kit contains a combination various homeopathic remedies that aid in alleviating common symptoms of spring allergies:  Allium cepa, Euphrasia  officinalis, Sabadilla officinalis, Ambrosia artemisiaefolia, and Histaminum hydrochloricum.

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What exactly is the Spring Allergy Kit?

In each of the Blackmore Wellness Allergy kits, we begin with organ detoxification.  This involves:  Liver Drainage, Kidney Drainage, and Lymphatic Drainage.  Once this is complete, the Spring Allergy Remedy Mix is introduced.  The entire process ideally should begin just before the leaves bud in the spring and the process will be complete in June.