Why should I consider this?
It is expected that there will be a significant increase in the number of flu cases in the 2022/2023 flu season.  As people return to some form of normalcy, some of the precautions we have been using to protect ourselves and others are becoming less practiced.   For example, adequate hand washing, hand sanitization, mask wearing, and more exposure to larger groups of people.  We still need to protect ourselves.

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What is the flu kit?

The flu kit evolves each year, building on the core items. 

The Schuessler Combination 12 Tissue Salts are given as early as September to kick off the annual flu protocol.  These cell salts help facilitate the replacement of minerals that are naturally occurring in the body.  As we age, these minerals become depleted so an annual boost helps raise one’s level of wellness and provides a good base for taking the other Flu kit remedies.

Two main remedies, BWOscillococcinum and Influenzinum are standard.  These are both taken once a month between October and April.  Influenzinum is prepared from the original flu vaccine but it is a homeopathic dose.   BWOscillococcinum is a preparation made from wild duck heart and liver extract.  We use both of these remedies to ensure a maximum benefit in warding off flu symptoms. 

Thymus and Spleen remedies are new.  These were introduced during the pandemic as a means of boosting the immune system.   These remedies are both taken twice per month between October and April.

The Spleen remedy can help facilitate enhanced functioning of the spleen.  In the body, the spleen performs some very important functions.  The spleen contains white blood cells that fight infection.  It controls the level of white and red blood cells, filters the blood, and removes red blood cells that are old or damaged.  The spleen is a critical component in our immune system as it helps fight infection.  The spleen, in addition to identifying and replacing the non-performing red blood cells, can identify bacteria and viruses in your blood.  When an invader is identified, the spleen and lymph nodes create lymphocytes which are a certain type of white blood cell that produces antibodies.  The antibodies kill bacteria and viruses that cause infection and stop them spreading through your body.    

The Thymus homeopathic remedy can help the Thymus to perform in an optimal manner.  This is even more important the older we get because the thymus gland atrophies with time.   The thymus gland is a very important part of our immune system.  It produces progenitor cells that mature into T-cells (thymus-derived cells).  These T-cells help in the growth of other organs associated with the immune system and they also help to destroy infected cells.

Often, individuals will combine the elements of the Flu kit with elements of the Immune Boost kit.