Consultation Fees



Initial Consultation for Chronic illness (1 – 2 hrs.)$125.00
Follow Up Appointments$75.00
Consultation for Acute Illness$50.00

 *  Most remedies are included with the consultation

** Homeopathy is covered under many group and individual insurance plans.  If your plan does not cover it you can ask your employer and/or insurer to cover it.  (Go to Forms and Resources for a sample letter). 

In addition, CRA recognizes Homeopathic treatment as a valid “medical expense” for income tax purposes.

Patient Intake Forms

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Insurance Letter

Homeopathy has been a regulated profession in Ontario since April 1, 2015.   Some insurance companies currently provide coverage for homeopathic treatment with a registered Homeopath. As Homeopathy becomes more recognized in Ontario it is expected that more coverage will become available.

Many Insurance companies are willing to address requests from insured parties as to the type of coverage preferred.

If your insurer does not currently provide coverage for Homeopathy, you may wish to request that they do.  It is important to distinguish Homeopathy from Naturopathy.  Click here for an example of a letter that can be used to send to your insurer to request coverage for homeopathic treatment.

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