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The 6 Remedies of Christmas Angst

The Holiday Soother kit contains 6 homeopathic remedies that are often needed during the holiday season.  You don’t need to take all of them…or even any of them unless the following occurs…

STRESS + PANIC:  Aconite is very useful for the onset of those inevitable moments of anxiety during the holiday season

BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA:  Arnica is the go-to remedy for any blunt force trauma  (food fight anyone?) It is great for pain and bruising too

CUTS + SRAPES + BURNsCalendula is your remedy to have on hand in the kitchen

FOOD POISONING:  Arsenicum  is your remedy for this

UNDER THE WEATHER:  Ferrum Phosphoricum  is a great remedy when you just feel unwell with no specific cause….but we all really know what it is! 

OVERINDULGENCE:  Nux isthe absolute go-to remedy for excess anything!

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