Boost Immune System

Supporting Your Immune System with Homeopathy


Immunity refers to the ability of one’s body to defend against invading foreign agents (eg. viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc). We can have a natural immunity that we inherit at birth but it can also be acquired.

The acquired immunity results from our body learning and adapting to a threat that it remembers. So, if we have contracted a disease once we have established antibodies for that disease and if the threat returns, our body remembers that threat and is able to release the appropriate antibodies to fight that disease.

When we have never encountered a particular disease, we do not have that acquired immunity so we need to depend on our natural immunity. That is why it is so important to support and enhance our immune system.

By strengthening our natural immunity, we can put up a defense against those foreign agents that try to invade our body.

To boost our immune system, we need to be mindful of living a healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercise, a healthy diet, avoidance of chemicals and unnatural substances. Homeopathy also provides a safe and effective way to support and enhance the immune system with little or no side effects. Homeopathic practitioners prescribe homeopathic medicines to improve immunity during viral epidemics.


Homeopathy treats the individual as a whole and provides individualized treatment so it is very effective in helping individuals strengthen their natural immunity. We all have different deficiencies and needs and Homeopathy addresses those on an individual and holistic basis.

Homeopathy explores the individual’s mental and emotional state as well as physical state and also considers the individual’s environment. Often, the state of an individual’s health is influenced by external conditions. For example, a person living in a moldy basement may have constant respiratory issues that will not be resolved until the cause is removed. That is called a maintaining factor…a reason why the ailment persists. Also, poor diet, lack of exercise, and other unhealthy choices can affect the body’s ability to heal. All of these factors (mental/physical/environmental) are used to determine the individual homeopathic treatment.

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