The plant that Arnica is derived from
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Arnica montana – the plant

Arnica is great to have at home for a wide range of first aid applications. It can be taken internally in pellet form or liquid form and it can be used topically. A combination of both internal and topical application are best to reduce bruising and swelling associated with an injury.

Arnica is an excellent remedy for:

  • strains
  • sprains
  • bruising
  • soreness
  • achiness
  • trauma
  • concussion
  • bleeding gums associated with dental surgery

You can purchase Arnica in topical format at most health food stores and some supermarkets and drug stores. As well, pellet form is available in 6ch, 30ch and 200ch to the general public. Higher potencies should be administered by a registered Homeopath.

Watch my You Tube Video on Arnica.

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