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Handy Holiday Remedies

I usually talk about the Holiday Remedy kit at Christmas and New Years but Easter is just as good a time to think of those remedies!

One of the biggest things we do at holidays is over eat and also over drink. Nux vomica is an excellent remedy to relieve overindulgence.

Often, while preparing the feast in the kitchen, we might burn ourselves or get little cuts and scrapes. Keep Calendula salve on hand for those little boo boos.

If the turkey is a little too underdone we may come down with food poisoning. Arsenicum album is useful in treating that condition.

Aconitum napellus is helpful in cases of panic attics. It is sometimes stressful preparing a big meal for a number of guests, although in these times our gatherings are smaller.

Arnica montana is also great to have on hand for general pain, shock, and trauma. If someone slips on the front step and bangs their head, this remedy will help.

A general rule of thumb for acute dosing is to take one dose of a 30ch or a 6ch potency every half an hour to a maximum of 10 doses daily but stop when relief is achieved. Always best to consult with your Homeopath.

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