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Allium cepa

The Common Onion
Allergy symptoms are similar to those produced while chopping onions.

The Homeopathic medicine, Allium cepa, is made from the common onion. Since one of the principles of Homeopathy is like cures like, we can see that this remedy might help with symptoms like a runny nose and watery eyes. Who doesn’t tear up when chopping an onion! Other indications for this remedy may include a nasal discharge that is clear and may burn along the upper lip as well as a cough that tickles, and sneezing. Those especially helped by this remedy tend to have thirst. They would feel better outside in fresh air rather than in a warm room. It is my go-to at the first sign of a head cold and usually a few doses nips that nasty cold in the bud!

This remedy is part of the Blackmore Wellness Spring Allergy kit and can be used in conjunction with other remedies like Sabadilla officinalis, Ambrosia artemisaefolia, Euphrasia officinalis, and Histaminum hydrochloricum. The combination of all of these remedies can eradicate most spring allergy symptoms.



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